Aquarium Fish Food Information Guide

Aquarium Fish food.
Aquarium Fish food.

Aquarium Fish Food Details:

Aquarium fish food should have all the balanced nutrients in it. The fishes in the aquarium can be treated with pellets and flakes. For fishes which are larger, you can give pellets whereas, for small fishes, you can feed flake foods.

There are the different type of fish foods which are fed to aquarium fish:

  • Flake foods are provided for topwater fishes and the fishes which are invertebrates. Flake foods are prepared by removing the moisture content in it so that they can have a long shelf life. This floats on water and takes a long time to sink. Pellets are another form of fry foods offered to the fish which have more protein content than the flake foods. The selection of which food to offer is done based on the type of fish you are raising in your aquarium.

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  • The aquarium fish can be treated with dried and frozen worms occasionally. These can be replaced with a meal twice a week. One bloodworm should be dropped instead of an entire cube.
  • The aquarium fish can also be treated with the slices of citrus fruits like orange. They can also be fed with watermelon slices and leaves like lettuce. After feeding them, it is important to check if there are any leftovers in the water of the aquarium so that the food does not get rot and contaminate the water.

There are three types of fishes which can be raised in aquariums:

  1. Fish types which are Herbivores

These are the fishes which are complete vegetarians by nature. Plecos, silver dollars, pacus are some of the fishes which are herbivores and can be raised in the aquarium. These depend on flake foods and also the algae, which is present in water. You can also provide these fishes with fresh lettuce, spinach, green peas. Remember to make the green peas into the size of flakes or pellets for easy swallowing so that it does not cause constipation issues in the fishes.

  1. Fish types which are Omnivores

These are the types of fishes which feed on both plants and meat. These include goldfish, catfish, etc. These fishes also eat pellets and flakes.

  1. Fish types which are Carnivores

These are the very rare species of fishes and only eat meat. Bettas and Jack Dempsey cichlids feed on worms which are live or freeze-dried. The Oscars are the type of fish which feed on live fish.

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