British Alpine Goat Facts, Profile, Characteristics

British Alpine Goat Facts.
British Alpine Goat Facts.

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Introduction to British Alpine Goat Breed:

This British Alpine Goat is one of the ancient breed which is recognized in the early 1900’s. British Alpine Goat is one of the domestic goat breed.  These were first found in the Great Britain and later they were arrived in Australia for the first time. These are graded up using the Saanen and Toggenburg does.

Characteristics of Altain Mountain Goat Breed:

    • The skin colour of the body is black.
    • The legs of this goat breed are white in colour.
    • They have facial markings on the face.
    • These goats are tall.
  • This goat is a highly active.
  • These mostly used for producing the milk.
  • The average height of the male goat is 95 cm.
  • The average height of the female goat is 83 cm.
  • The horns and tassels might be present or may not present sometimes.
  • The ears are erect and pointed slightly forward.

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Feed for British Alpine Goat Breed:

Usually, goats have the habit of fastidious eating and also some browsing habits. They can eat any variety of food which is good for their health. We hear a lot about the goats eat everything, but it is also there that they should eat only such things which help them to improve their immunity system and also gives well boost for their growth. The quality of feed is very important because we extract some by – products from them like milk, meat and fleece. The quality of the feed is bad there would be a great loss to the farmer. So, the farmer should never compromise on the feed quality. A scheduled should be followed for feeding the goats. A balanced diet should be fed to the goats with proteins, vitamins, energy, calcium, and minerals to ensure the optimum production from the animals.

  • Hay
  • Pastures and Browsing
  • Garden and Kitchen scarp
  • Grains
  • Grass Fodders
  • Fodder Maize

Housing for British Alpine Goat Breed:

  • The house should always be away from the damp. By the damping the diseases may occur.
  • They can be constructed in many ways; it completely depends on farmer economical status.
  • The rain water should never enter the house.
  • Surrounding of the house should never be logged with water; it may cause infections to the goats.
  • Mostly we should try to construct the housing by using the bamboo sticks and concrete.
  • Comfort of the goats is the most important factor.
  • For taking rest there should be enough space.
  • There should be regular cleaning inside the house and the house should be maintained hygienically.

Breeding of British Alpine Goat Breed:

This is bread  with the local breeds of Britain.

Advantages of Goat Farming:

  • These goats are also called as social animals.
  • Handling the goats is very easy.
  • The goat gives us many products like meat, fiber, milk and manure. All these have high demand in the market.
  • The investment in the goat farming business is a very low.
  • As the digestibility of goats is in high level so they can h, and also be fed with any type of the crude, low quality of roughages.
  • The diseases like asthma, cough and also the diabetes problem are cured by goat milk.
  • Also the requirement of housing for the goats is also low.
  • For very unit of investment the goats give back high returns to the farmers,
  • These goats can be slaughtered in a very small age. It is one of the beneficial points.

Essential Tips for Goat Farming Beginners:

  • Goats are known as social animals. These goats belong to the herd.
  • The comforts and facilities for the goat must be effective and efficient.
  • The housing for the goats should be constructed strong and good.
  • Caring the goat properly by treatment, preventions, and timely nutrients.
  • While rearing goats we should have some knowledge of rearing techniques.
  • After removing the fleece from the goat, if they expose to cold climates they may fall ill, so they should be kept in warm conditions.
  • At marketing time, the breeds should be sold in good markets.
  • Goats should be facilitated with good facilities like water, feed, milk barn, fleece shearing barn, and proper drainage etc.
  • At the time of purchasing the farmer should buy both doe and buck.
  • While purchasing efficient and healthy breed should be selected.
  • Care for breeding buck, pregnant doe and kids should be taken little more.
  • Goats should be provided with mineral and salt water, during the summer seasons.
  • Regularly consultation of vet is needed, as it improves and let us know the health condition of the goat.
  • The farm should be maintained hygienically.
  • Equipment which is necessary for the farm should set up in the farm.
  • A store room should also be maintained for storing the fodder/feed.
  • And the other store room is for storing the by products of the goats, like milk, meat and fleece.
  • A first aid kit should be maintained in the farm.
  • You can have a refrigerator for storing any medicines or vaccines.

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