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Greenhouse & Polyhouse Farming

Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers / Indoors

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers.

Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers The following information is all about Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers /Indoors. Introduction to Sweet Potatoes The sweet potatoes are large, starchy, sweet flavored root vegetable. The young leaves are also consumed. The sweet potatoes not related to potatoes family. The plant bears a heart shaped or palmately lobed leaves with flowers. The root comes …

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Types Of Irrigation In Agriculture and Farming

Types Of Irrigation.

Types Of Irrigation In Agriculture: The following farming content is about Types of Irrigation in Agriculture. Introduction To Irrigation Irrigation is an artificial application of water for the purpose of crop production. Irrigation water is supplied to supplement the water available from, Rainfall and Contribution of soil moisture from ground water. In many areas, the amount and timing of rainfall …

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Polyhouse Rose Farming For Beginners

Polyhouse Rose Farming.

Polyhouse Rose Farming The following write-up is all about  Polyhouse Rose Farming Introduction To Polyhouse Rose Farming Growth and healthy production of plants under controlled favorable conditions in closed or partially closed spaces are called polyhouse. The Polyhouse concept emerged to undertake adverse environmental conditions such as an excess of raining, high temperature, extreme cold condition, air flow etc. Types Of Polyhouses …

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Polyhouse Cultivation For Beginners

Polyhouse Cultivation (Picture Source Telanagana Today).

Polyhouse Cultivation Guide for Beginners: Introduction to Polyhouse Cultivation Polyhouse Cultivation practices can be characterized as a farming procedure wherein the microclimatic conditions around the plant body are controlled partially or completely according to the prerequisite of plants grown amid their time of growth in their natural habitat. In temperate regions, it is not favorable to grow crops in winter …

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Vertical Farming – A Beginners Guide

Vertical Farming.

Vertical Farming: The following write-up is all about Vertical Farming. Introduction to Vertical Farming The earth population is growing at a steady pace. As the population is growing so the demand for food supply is also increasing. To grow more food more land is required while prime agricultural lands are becoming scarce and expensive. Agriculture researchers are coming up with …

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Improving Soil Fertility – A Role of Organic Matter

Improving Soil Fertility.

Improving Soil Fertility Methods: Improving Soil Fertility – Introduction: Maintenance of soil fertility is a great issue to our farmers. Cultivation of particular crop every year in the exact same field decreases the soil fertility. To increase the soil fertility, it is necessary to inspect the reduction of nutrient and to increase the nutrient content of their soil. The following …

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