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Aquarium Fish Food Information Guide

Aquarium Fish food.

Aquarium Fish Food Details: Aquarium fish food should have all the balanced nutrients in it. The fishes in the aquarium can be treated with pellets and flakes. For fishes which are larger, you can give pellets whereas, for small fishes, you can feed flake foods. There are the different type of fish foods which are fed to aquarium fish: Flake …

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Mud Crab Culture and Fattening Information

Mud Crab Culture.

Mud Crab Culture and Fattening: The following write-up is all about mud crab culture. Introduction to Mud Crab Culture This article is for the many aquafarmers, fisheries entrepreneurs, and aqua business owners to share knowledge and skill for the commercial hatchery production of mud crabs. Mud crab is a promising aqua business product for its fast growth, pricing, for its …

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Pearl Oyster Farming, Cost, Profits – A Full Guide

Pearl Oyster Farming (Pic source Nationalgeographic.com).

Guide for Pearl Oyster Farming; Cost and Profits. The following content is all about Pearl Oyster Farming business. You can also find investment required for pearl farming and profits in this business. Introduction to Pearl Oysters This is the biggest profit making farming business that generates 200% profit with no tax deductions yet the most neglected farming business. It is …

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Prawn Farming – A Beginners Guide

Prawn Farming (Picture Source - zealaqua.com)

Prawn Farming: Introduction To Prawn Farming Freshwater prawn farming is little difficult for new start-ups, especially who do not have experience in the farming sector. However, it’s wonderful small-scale farming business that can fetch hefty profits in case of experienced farmers. Prawn is also known as “Shrimp” in many parts of the world. The aquaculture prawn farming is booming in …

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Fish Farming Business Information

Fish Farming Business.

Fish Farming Business Information: The following write up is all about Fish Farming Business. Introduction to Fish Farming Business Fish meat is an important diet that is rich in protein and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and delicious. For many centuries fishing in the wild with improved technology has increased fish catching. But, in the last two decades, fish catch …

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Aquaponics Information for Beginners

Aquaponics ( Picture Source Wikimedia Commons).

Aquaponics Information for Beginners: The following is all about Aquaponics System. Introduction to Aquaponics System Aquaponics is a system or science in which the waste produced by aquatic creatures or farmed fish supplies nutrients for plants growth hydroponically which in turn purifies the water; this is an automatic recirculating system that does not require much monitoring is called Aquaponics or …

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