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Dairy Farming

NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy and Loan

NABARD dairy farming subsidy.

NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy: The following content is about NABARD dairy farming subsidy and loan. NABARD dairy farming subsidy Well, dairy farming is one of the best livestock businesses in India. It is one of the major sources of income, especially in rural areas. However, to set up a dairy farm is not that easy. Dairy farming business requires investment, …

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Indigenous Cow Breeds of India and Their Importance

Gir Cow Breed.

Indigenous Cow Breeds of India: The Following is all about Indigenous cow Breeds of India. Introduction to Indigenous Cow Breeds for Dairy Farming in India Today’s dairy industry main aim is to produce milk and dairy products in large quantity for large profits. The dairy industry is thriving from thousands of years worldwide and milk is regarded as one of …

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Cow Breeding – A Beginners Guide

Cow Breeding.

Cow Breeding For Beginners: The following content is all about Cow Breeding. Cow Breeding  – Breeding Management A dairy farm to be running must always be producing quality milk. And to produce milk, cows must be reproducing healthy calf each year. Reproduction plays an important role in the economics of Dairy Farming or Dairy Production. A healthy cow must calve …

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Dairy Management Practices – A Beginners Guide

Dairy Management Practices.

Dairy Management Practices: The following content is all about Dairy Management Practices for Profitability. Introduction to Dairy Management Practices The first question that comes to mind for any start up dairy entrepreneur or dairy farmer – “Is Dairy milk farming profitable?” Even if the answer is ‘Yes’ yet there are still many more doubts arising such as what are risks, …

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