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Poultry Farming

Backyard Poultry Farming Information

Backyard Poultry Farming.

Backyard Poultry Farming Information for Beginners Backyard poultry farming is an ancient tradition in many parts of the world. Backyard poultry farming is rearing of native breeds of birds having very poor outputs. Backyard chickens are omnivorous and ground dwelling. Backyard chicken along with eggs have high nutritional values, with high proteins and low-fat contents. Backyards chicken produces only 70 …

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50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report and Business Plan

50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report.

50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report: The following details are about 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report. Introduction To 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Emu farming is another kind of poultry business where people are getting good profits with a proper emu farming business plan. Emu bird is native to Australia. However, raising emu birds commercially in other parts of …

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Profitable Quail Farming Business For Beginners

Profitable Quail Farming Business.

Profitable Quail Farming Business The following is all about Profitable Quail Farming Business. Introduction to Profitable Quail Farming Business Introduction: Quails are small ground-nesting game birds that are found in woodland and grasslands in the wild. There are 45 different species that are spread across throughout the world. Quails belong to the pheasant family Phasianidae and their scientific name is …

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Egg Poultry Farming Information Guide

Egg Poultry Farming.

Egg Poultry Farming: The following article is all about egg poultry farming or layer poultry farming. Introduction of Egg Poultry Farming:- One of the oldest animal farming in recorded history is egg production on a small scale. In the human diet, poultry egg and meat add a high quality of proteins, minerals and vitamins.  Layer poultry farming means growing egg …

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