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Organic Fruit Farming

Growing Organic Pomegranate Information

Growing Organic Pomegranate.

Growing Organic Pomegranate: The following article is all about Growing Organic Pomegranate. INTRODUCTION TO GROWING ORGANIC POMEGRANATE The botanical name of Pomegranate is Punica granatum, it belongs to family Punicaceae and Originated in Iran (Persia). Pomegranate was introduced into India from Persia or Afghanistan. It is a favourite table fruit in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In India …

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Types Of Irrigation In Agriculture and Farming

Types Of Irrigation.

Types Of Irrigation In Agriculture: The following farming content is about Types of Irrigation in Agriculture. Introduction To Irrigation Irrigation is an artificial application of water for the purpose of crop production. Irrigation water is supplied to supplement the water available from, Rainfall and Contribution of soil moisture from ground water. In many areas, the amount and timing of rainfall …

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Organic Cocoa Farming For Beginners

Organic Cocoa Farming (Pic Source from Flickr).

ORGANIC COCOA FARMING GUIDE The following is all about Organic Cocoa Farming. Organic Farming Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Top 10 Cocoa Production Countries Cote d’Ivoire. Ghana. Indonesia. Nigeria. Cameroon. Brazil. Ecuador. Mexico. Peru. Dominican Republic. Benefits …

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Growing Guava Fruit – A Profitable Business

Growing Guava.

Growing Guava Fruit: The following content is all about Growing Guava Fruits on a commercial scale. Introduction To Growing Guava Guava is one of the most common tropical fruits grown in India. Guava fruit is native to Mexico and Central America. Guava is fourth most important fruit crops after banana, mango, and citrus. Guava trees are hardy in nature and …

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Organic Farming – A Beginners Guide

Organic Farming.

Organic Farming Guide: What is Organic Farming? Organic farming is a form of agriculture production techniques where plants and animals are grown in a natural way which means growing food in harmony with nature. This process involves avoiding the use of synthetic materials but using biological materials which are available in the natural habitat in growing crops and animal husbandry. …

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