Cabbage Growing – A Beginners Guide

Cabbage Growing.

Cabbage Growing For Beginners: The following content details about Cabbage growing. Introduction of Cabbage growing Cabbage is one of the most popular vegetable grown throughout the world as it can adapt to wide climatic conditions and soils. Cabbage is believed to have originated and native to Europe. Cabbage cultivation started as early as 600 BC by the Greeks and they …

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Aloe Vera Growing, Planting, Harvesting Information

Aloe Vera Growing.

Aloe Vera Growing Guide: Introduction of Aloe Vera growing Aloe Vera is one of the fast-growing medicinal plants throughout the world. The plant is indigenous to Africa and other Mediterranean nations. The plant is hardy perennial tropical plant and as its drought resisting plant, it can be cultivated in places where other crops cannot be cultivated. Aloe Vera grows to …

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Brussels Sprout Growing Guide For Beginners

Brussels Sprout Growing.

Brussels Sprout Growing Information: The following Vegetable content details about Brussels Sprout growing. Introduction to Brussels sprout growing Brussels sprouts are a cool-season crop possibly cultivated as early as the 13th century in Belgium. It is believed to spread to other cooler parts of Europe during 16th century and later on to spread throughout the globe. Brussels sprouts are green …

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Broccoli Growing Information Guide

Broccoli Growing.

Broccoli Growing Guide: The following write-up details about Broccoli growing for beginners. Introduction to Broccoli growing Broccoli is an annual or biennial plant which comes from the cabbage family and its large immature flowering head is the edible part eaten as a vegetable. The cultivation of broccoli plant must have been started in ancient Italy. The broccoli plant grows up …

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Container Gardening For Beginners

Container Gardening.

Container Gardening For Beginners: What is Container Gardening? It is a garden that cultivates vegetables, flowers or fruits on the rooftops, backyard, balconies or in patio in containers or pots instead of planting them in earth or ground is called container gardening or pot gardening. A container gardening is a portable garden as most of the plants are planted in …

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Bell Pepper Growing (Capsicum) Information

Bell Pepper Growing.

Bell Pepper Growing (Capsicum) Information: The following content is all about Bell Pepper growing. Introduction of Bell Pepper growing Bell pepper and its numerous species are originated and found in Central and South America. Pepper is one of the most common food spices widely used throughout the world. Peppers are the most important spice commodity available in various colors and …

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Artichoke Growing Information Guide

Artichoke Growing.

Artichoke Growing Guide: Introduction to Artichoke growing Globe artichoke is an herbaceous perennial plant native to Mediterranean region. Most parts of the plant is edible, whereas the immature, tender flower buds are mostly consumed and grown for. Even the tender, favorable base of the bud (artichoke heart) is fleshy and highly consumed. The  plant grows 150 cm to 200 cm …

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Egg Poultry Farming Information Guide

Egg Poultry Farming.

Egg Poultry Farming: The following article is all about egg poultry farming or layer poultry farming. Introduction of Egg Poultry Farming:- One of the oldest animal farming in recorded history is egg production on a small scale. In the human diet, poultry egg and meat add a high quality of proteins, minerals and vitamins.  Layer poultry farming means growing egg …

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Beetroot Growing Information Guide

Beetroot Growing.

Beetroot Growing Information: Introduction of Beetroot Growing One of the easily grown vegetable in your backyard, container, terrace gardening is beetroot vegetable. It is less affected by pests and diseases and ideal for anyone new to vegetable gardening. Beet root is grown for its fleshy roots that are used as vegetable, salads and even for pickling. The beetroot crop is …

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Amaranth Growing Information Guide

Amaranth Growing.

Introduction to Amaranth Growing: The following article is all about Amaranth Growing Information. Introduction to Amaranth Growing   is one of the common leafy vegetable crops grown in India. Amaranth is originated from central and south America and is one of the oldest food crops in the world. Amaranth is cultivated for its fresh tender leaves, stem and grains. Much of …

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Asparagus growing Information Guide

Asparagus Growing.

Growing Asparagus: The following article is all about  Asparagus growing. Asparagus is a perennial crop that will take around two to three years to produce. For this crop it will aptly justify the proverb – ‘ fruits of patience are always sweet’, after waiting for two to three years, the plant will be productive up to 25 years. Asparagus growing …

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Ash Gourd Growing Information Guide

Ash Gourd Growing.

Ash Gourd Growing Guide: Introduction of Ash Gourd growing Ash Gourd is a very popular vegetable in India and grown throughout the country. This melon is mostly consumed in India and china, while Indians give more importance to this vegetable because ofits medicinal properties in the Ayurvedic medicine system and yogic science.Its precise origins cannot be traced but botanists suggest …

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Hydroponic Farming Information Guide

Hydroponic Farming in Greenhouse.

Hydroponic Farming Guide: Hydroponic Farming – Introduction to Hydroponics Hydroponics or hydroponic system is a modern science of agriculture wherein crops and plants are grown in soil less medium. It is a method of growing plants in nutrients dissolved water along with a growing medium to support the root system such as rockwool, hydrotons, clay pebbles and much more. This …

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