Rabbit Farming Project (100+20) Cost and Profits

Rabbit Farming Project Report.
Rabbit Farming Project Report.

Rabbit Farming Project (100+20):

The following is a model rabbit farming project report of 100 female rabbits (does) and 20 male rabbits (bucks).

Introduction to Rabbit Farming Project

Rabbit rearing business is picking up as meat consumption increasing. Most of the people are considering to start a commercial rabbit farming business along with other livestock. Rabbit breeding, rabbit kid care, rabbit feed management are major parts of rabbit farming project.

Why should you consider starting a rabbit farming project? well, there are many advantages of rabbit farming.

  • Rabbits are considered as very fast growing animal compared to other animals.
  • Rabbits have excellent feed converting ratio.
  • There are no special skills required to run a commercial rabbit farming business
  • Multi-kidding, (1 female rabbit can produce 3 to 8 kids in single birth).
  • Rabbit farming does not require much space.
  • Set up and production costs are very less.
  • Rabbit meat is lean and very nutritious.
  • Rabbit meat is consumed all over the world.
  • Rabbit feed costs less as they can take on kitchen wastes, grass, and plant leaves.
  • Rabbit farming project requires less labor to manage the farm.
  • Women, even old people can work on the farm easily.
  • If you are setting up a commercial rabbit farming project, it requires less initial investment and that can be earned back in a couple of months.
  • Apart from meeting your family needs for this meat, you can sell rabbit manure as well.
  • Commercial rabbit farming is viable and profitable business.

For profitable rabbit farming business, you should prepare a good rabbit farming business plan and dedicate your time to handle the animals.

Today, let us discuss a rabbit farming project with 100 female rabbit and 2 male rabbits. This rabbit farming project report is a sample project, which can give you an overall idea of cost and profits in commercial rabbit farming. The number/figures mentioned in this report may vary region to region.

Scientific / Botanical Name of Rabbit

  • Oryctolagus cuniculus.

Rabbit in Indian Languages

  • Kharagosh : Hindi.
  • முயல் : Tamil.
  • Muyal: Malayalam.
  • Sasalu : Gujarati.
  • Mola : Kannada.
  • Kẖaragōsh : Punjabi.
  • కుందేలు : Telugu.
  • Sasa : Marathi.
  • Khargosh: Bengali.
  • Thekua : Oriya.

Economics of Model Rabbit Farming Project Report For 100 + 20 (100 females plus 20 males Rabbit Breeding)

Rabbit (Black).
Rabbit (Black).


Rabbit (Black)Rabbit Breeds (meat purpose) available For  Rabbit Farming Project

  • New Zealand White.
  • Soviet Chinchilla.
  • Grey Giant.
  • White Giant.

Rabbit Breeding Age for Rabbit Farming Project

6 to 8 months.

Number of Rabbits Per Unit in Rabbit Farming Project

100 female rabbits plus 20 male rabbits.

Rabbit Breeding & Rearing Cycle in Rabbit Farming Project

Pregnant Rabbit.
Pregnant Rabbit.
  1. The ratio of male rabbit and female rabbits = 1:5.
  2. Pregnancy duration = About 1 1month (30 days).
  3. Kindling percentage = 80%(for every 100 female rabbits, 80 will be productive/pregnant).
  4. Average No. of young rabbits born/kindle = 6.
  5. No of kindlings in a year per rabbit = 4.
  6. Female rabbits bred again = 1 week after weaning.
  7. Number bunnies obtained = 80 females x 6 bunnies x 4 kindlings = 1900.
  8. Mortality rate in bunnies = 30% = 560.
  9. Young bunnies available in the farm = 1900 – 560 = 1340.
  10. Mortality in adult rabbits = 5 to 10%.
  11. Average adult rabbit body weight = 3 kg to 3.5 kg.
  12. The average live weight of bunnies at 90 days old (3 months age) = 1 Kg.
  13. Cage size for rabbit = 360 square inches for an adult rabbit.
  14. Concentrate feed required for male rabbit = 120 grams per day, female rabbits (dry, for pregnant rabbits = 120 grams per day and for weaner of 6 to 12 weeks = 50 grams per day.
  15. Hay requirement in rabbit farming = Male rabbit 40 to 45 grams per day, for female rabbit (lactating) = 40 grams per day and for weaner (6 to 12 weeks) = 30 grams per day.
  16. Meat yield: For young rabbit of 3 to 4 months age = 1 kg, and above 4 months = 1.5 kg.
  17. Cost of rabbit meat =120 Rs/kg.
  18. Manure income from rabbit farm = 2 rupees per rabbit.
Newborn Rabbits.
Newborn Rabbits.
Spread over of breeding rabbits and their growth details in Rabbit Farming Project.
Month Parameter 1st Batch2nd Batch3rd Batch4th Batch




Born, Growth




Growth, Sold


Born, Growth




Growth, Sold




Born, Growth




Growth, Sold




Born, Growth




DecemberGrowth, Sold



Herd projection for a rabbit farming project unit of (100 females plus 20 males)


Adult RabbitsYoung Rabbits
Male rabbits (Bucks)Female Rabbits (Does)Male rabbits (Bucks)Female Rabbits (Does)
By purchase20100NilNil
By Breeding950 (From above mentioned Rabbit Breeding & Rearing Cycle of 4 kindlings)


950 (From above mentioned Rabbit Breeding & Rearing Cycle of 4 kindlings)
Mortality (Death)10670670
Sale of Rabbits20670670
Balance at the end207000

Capital cost/expenditure for Rabbit Farming Project

A) Sheds and cages:

  • Cost of construction 1shed kacha: 12 feet x 30 feet = Rs. 28,800
  • Cages : (120 cages x Rs.100) =   12,000
  • Cost of construction 1shed kacha 12 feet x 30 feet = Rs 28,800
  • All wire cages: 180 x Rs 55 = Rs 9,900

(Note: 11/2 feet  x 11/2 feet for growers)

B) Daily use items:

Buckets ,wire brushes, blow lamps, feeders, and waterers/nestboxes = Rs 3,500

Total A+ B   = Rs 83,000.

C) Cost of broiler rabbits:

100 female rabbits (adults) plus 20 male rabbits (adults) @ Rs 300 = 120 x Rs 300 = RS 36,000

Total from above (A+ B+ C)  =  Rs 1,19,000.

Recurring cost / expenditure (12 months for initial stock and 2 months for young)

Rabbit Feed.
Rabbit Feed.

a) Feed cost for adults

120 x 0.12 x 365 (52.56 q x 750) = Rs 39,420

b) Feed cost for young

1340 x 0.05 x 60 days (40.20 x 750) = Rs 30,150

c) Hay cost lump sum = Rs 10,000

d) Miscellaneous expenditure = Rs 20,000.

Total  from above (a + b + c + d) =  Rs 99,570.

Income for the 1st year from Rabbit Farming Project

  • Sale of meat 1340 kg from 1340 young of 12 weeks old @ 120/kg = Rs 1,60,800
  • Sale of 1340 rabbit skins @ Rs 80 each = Rs 1,07,200
  • Sale of manure 12 kg/per adult /yr @ Rs 2/ kg = Rs 2,880
  • Sale of manure 1340 x Rs 1 = Rs 1,340

Total  from above = Rs 2,72,222.

Cost of production in Rabbit Farming Project

  • Recurring expenditure for I year = Rs 99,570
  • Depreciation @ 10% on fixed amount = Rs 8,300

Total from above = 1,07,870

Net profit for the I year from Rabbit Farming Project

Rabbit Farming Project.
Rabbit Farming Project.

Income =  Rs 2,72,222

Expenditure  =  Rs 1,07,870

Profit per animal  = Rs. 80.5

Net income = Rs 1,64,352

Non-Recurring expenditure in Rabbit Farming Project =  Rs 1,19,000. 

Banks can provide 75% of the total cost of the rabbit farming project. The following table lists out with the loan amount and net profit in rabbit farming project report for five years duration.

Bank loan amount for Rabbit Farming Project =  75% of  RS 1,19,000 = Rs 89,250.

Assume principle bank interest rate as : 14%.

First year (in Rs)


Second year (in Rs)Third year (in Rs)Fourth year (in Rs)Fifth year (in Rs)






Interest rate @ 14%12,4959,9967,4974,9982,499
Loan portion17,85017,85017,85017,85017,850
Total income / year












Net profit in Rabbit Farming ProjectRs 1,34,007 Rs 1,36,506 Rs 1,39,005


Rs 1,41,504


Rs 1,44,003


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Is rabbit farming Profitable? Oh, yea Indeed!.


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